Dedicated Internet Hosting Advantages

There are more than several advantages to hosting your sites on a dedicated server compared to other options. Dedicated server is exactly what it says, dedicated only to you and to your business. What this means is that you have total control over your server unlike in shared hosting, where you share the same server with several others. You are able to add extra features, upload programs and tweak your server in many various ways when you have control over it.

If you are not exactly a technical guru or don’t really understand anything about servers and how they host websites on internet, you should go with managed version of dedicated hosting. This is in fact very popular option, since after all most webmasters don’t have the expertise to manage their servers by themselves. Managed hosting allows the customer to have an entire server managed by a specialized hosting company. Now if you think that you would be able to run and manage your server by yourself, by all means go with unmanaged dedicated server hosting, but that just isn’t the case for the most of us.

So when should someone start thinking about getting dedicated hosting? Well are you already a webmaster that is noticing increase in your traffic or a perhaps a newcomer that wants to get his or her business online? Newcomers often start with shared hosting, which is often a fine choice if you don’t need too much for your hosting. But if you are planning on starting for example an online store or a discussion board, you should just go with dedicated right from the get go. This way you don’t have to join those webmasters that have helplessly witnessed their websites getting shut down for too much traffic, just because their shared servers couldn’t handle it.

The only downside is the money. Dedicated hosting on internet naturally costs much more than shared or some other type of hosting, but like in everything else in this world, you get what you pay for. If you don’t have much money to spend on hosting, then go with shared hosting which can be just fine for many, but just don’t expect to get the moon, the sun and the sky for $4.95 a month.

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